Putting the ‘Personal’ Back in Healthcare and Marketing

Our collaborative approach tailors your unique story to the preferences of your target audience. This ensures your personalized healthcare brand stands out and connects with the echelon seeking personalized, high-quality care.

We recognize that each personalized healthcare venture is unique, just like the individuals you serve. That’s why we craft customized marketing strategies that reach your target audience. Our mission is to ensure that your exceptional healthcare services attract those seeking personalized care.



Precision Medicine Requires Precision Marketing.

Visibility Matters in Concierge Medicine

As healthcare transitions to more online interactions, maintaining a prominent online presence is not merely an advantage; it’s an absolute necessity. With abundant information and choices in healthcare, your positioning as the premiere option is paramount. At ProDigital Healthcare, we grasp the importance of your online visibility and offer comprehensive SEO and Local SEO services specifically designed to improve your personalized healthcare brand.

Consistent, Trust-Driven Healthcare

Our comprehensive services, spanning SEO and PPC to Website Design, Branding, and content generation, connect the dots and work together harmoniously. This level of optimization and integration ensures that every facet of the patient journey is meticulously crafted with trust and empathy, leaving a lasting impression of excellence. From their initial online exploration to the content they engage with, the ads they encounter, and the moment they choose to step into your practice, the patient’s experience should be consistent.

Navigating The Regulatory Waters

When it comes to running PPC ads for healthcare services, it’s crucial to understand and meet the requirements set by platforms like Google Ads and Meta. Our deep expertise in PPC Management ensures that your campaigns not only comply with these rigorous standards but also maintain their effectiveness and trustworthiness. We are committed to safeguarding the reputation of your concierge healthcare practice, regardless of specialization.

Transforming Care with Individualized Medicine

More than Anything, Your Patients’ Health Deserves a VIP Experience

We are only successful if you are successful. Our mission is to increase clients for your concierge and personalized healthcare services. With our healthcare marketing expertise, we’ll increase your reach and ensure each touchpoint communicates a consistent message about the premium quality of your concierge healthcare services.

Concierge Healthcare Dr. and Patient

Bespoke Marketing That Elevates Concierge Healthcare

With our deep understanding of concierge healthcare marketing, we craft customized campaigns around a VIP patient experience, turning your facility into a sanctuary of health and wellness. At ProDigital, our experts excel in SEO and pay-per-click marketing, ensuring adherence to the highest standards set by Google and Meta.

We also specialize in website design, branding, and content marketing. Regardless of your personalized healthcare services, we’ll enhance your online presence and present concierge healthcare as a luxury experience, not just a service.

SEO & Local SEO Optimization

Improve your concierge and personalized healthcare center’s visibility in local searches. Our bespoke SEO approaches position you on top pages with transactional keywords and bolster your spot in the local map listings. This heightened visibility attracts and engages new individuals seeking your premium healthcare services. Learn More >

Paid Search Management (PPC)

Optimize the impact of pinpointed advertisements. Our sophisticated PPC strategies are designed to capture potential clients at peak moments of receptiveness, optimizing your advertising budget. We focus on impactful conversions and deliver tangible outcomes, making every dollar count for your concierge healthcare pratice. Learn More >

META/Facebook & Instagram Ads

Connect with the expansive META audience on Facebook and Instagram. Our customizable advertisements align with your client’s preferences and tastes, establishing trust and leading to meaningful engagements that direct them to your individualized healthcare services. Learn More >

Website Design & Development

Balancing aesthetic appeal and optimizing for search engines is equally important. Our meticulous approach to website design and development prioritizes conversion. They ensure visitors understand the value of your concierge healthcare services while seamlessly guiding them to contact you. Learn More >

Brand Identity & Positioning

Developing a unique brand position for your individualized healthcare services is essential. Your services need to stand out above all other competitive offers. We’ll help define and amplify your unique selling proposition and vision, solidifying your standing as the premiere concierge health service.

Learn More >

Healthcare Content Marketing

Through meticulously tailored content, we position you as the foremost expert and thought leader for Personalized Healthcare, fostering touchpoints with your target audience and steering them toward your VIP healthcare experience. Discover how our content marketing can drive transformative growth in your practice. Learn More >

Why Work with ProDigital?

We’ll Craft a Plan to Make You the Foremost Authority:


Refine your digital presence to guide clients directly to your services.


Ensure every online touchpoint provides value and clearly articulates your offer.


Our expertise includes SEO, PPC, Web Design, Branding, and Content Marketing for Concierge Healthcare.


Uniquely position your healthcare services to increase perceived value.

Harmonious blend of content, design, and marketing to convey a unified message.

Employ data insights to nurture steady online growth.

Build Trust & Deliver Tangible Results That Impact Your Bottom Line:


Maintain unwavering trust in every Concierge Healthcare campaign.


Boost your reputation for Pesonalized Healthcare Services.


Target your demographic to increase meaningful leads and client acquisition.


Ensure that every digital campaign transforms into tangible value and long-term relationships.

Commit to the pinnacle of digital ethical practices and standards.

Maximize advertising budgets for optimal ad spend and improved ROI.

Connecting to the right demographic


Comprehensive, Proven, Individualized Healthcare Marketing

Achieving growth requires more than just vision – it needs marketing expertise. At ProDigital, our knowledge can elevate your concierge and personalized healthcare services, ensuring your offerings reverberate far and wide.


ProDigital is the real deal! I can't recommend them enough. In just a few weeks their work has resulted some greatly increased traffic, and most importantly, contact with new customers. They care that what they are doing works! ...and it does work! ProDigital actually does the work that other SEO companies claim they do: They do the research, fine-tune their approach, study what happens, then do it all over again. I've received personal attention over & over with email and Zooms calls. Their service is worth every penny!

- Brent Bowen



I've been collaborating with the ProDigital team for approximately 6 months now, and I can't express enough how satisfied we are with their services. Their meticulous attention to detail and willingness to patiently explain every aspect of design, development, ongoing SEO efforts, and now AdWords is incredibly reassuring for a local business owner like myself. If you're in search of a top-notch website development or ongoing SEO services for your company, I wholeheartedly recommend working with ProDigital Digital Strategy and their team.

- David Larsen

Program Administrator


WOW! The team at ProDigital got us to top positions on Google for all our targeted keywords with their SEO work and kept us there! They also manage our Google AdWords and are great at getting us a positive ROI each and every month. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

- Helen Miller

Senior Vice President of Marketing


Our experience with ProDigital has been nothing short of exceptional. What sets them apart is their specialized expertise in healthcare marketing. Their in-depth knowledge of the industry, combined with their creative strategies, has propelled our  practice to new heights. Working with this agency has improved our online reputation and driven a substantial increase in patient inquiries and appointments. If you're in the healthcare field and looking for a marketing partner who truly understands your industry, I wholeheartedly recommend the team at ProDigital. Their results speak for themselves, and we couldn't be happier with the growth they've helped us achieve.

- Charles Ackerman

Director of Marketing and Communications


I must admit my past SEO experiences left me feeling disappointed and frustrated. No matter which agency I turned to, the results were always lackluster. However, my perspective changed when I started working with ProDigital. Their approach to SEO is nothing short of remarkable. From day one, they took the time to understand my business inside out, addressing the shortcomings of my previous SEO efforts. The results have been incredible. My website's rankings have improved significantly, and the organic traffic has soared.

- Mark Liggett

Marketing Director


I can't say enough good things about ProDigital Strategy. Their expertise has transformed our online presence, and their dedication to understanding our unique needs and goals has been impressive. Thanks to their efforts, our business has experienced significant growth. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to boost their healthcare marketing efforts.

- Natalie Davis

Director of Business Development

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